Radek Stepan

Front-End Engineer


Redman Tech Edmonton, AB

Front-End Engineer

Developed front-end for a mobile-first app that matches property buyers with their ideal neighbourhood; uses React and Flux.

University of Cambridge Cambridge, UK

Web Designer/Developer

Initiated the design & development of a browser based workflow app for a data warehouse. Utilized a modular, event-based Backbone.js architecture.

Accelerated the switch from JSP-heavy front end of a data warehouse into JavaScript components.

OuterEdge Brighton, UK

Web Designer/Developer

Developed a large e-commerce site on top of Zend framework.

Selected GitHub Projects


JavaScript ES6, React, Flux, D3.js

Created a browser based burndown chart displaying progress through sprint tasks for better estimation & planning of work.


JavaScript ES6, Node.js

Created an extensible CMS for scientists with content kept in Markdown files and YAML front-matter. Dynamic data, such as speaking engagements and publications, are automatically cached from external sources like PubMed.


CoffeeScript, Node.js, Haibu

Consolidated the deployment of various apps on multiple servers into an open source Node.js PaaS based on Haibu. Eventually switched to the Docker platform.



A JavaScript component that lets one sandbox "foreign" widgets and their CSS styles using iframes and a postMessage API.

Formal Education

University of Bath

MSc. Internet Systems

Postgraduate studies with focus on software engineering, internet technologies and security.

Dissertation discussing architectural patterns, such as MV*, MVVM, MTV, DTO, DCI or Naked Objects, and their use in agile web development environment.

University College London

PgCert. Human Computer Interaction

Design of interactive systems with focus on user experience.

University of Sussex

BSc. (Hons) Computing & AI

Cognitive computing studies on topics like psychology, philosophy, HCI, robotics and data mining.